How does the REST API work?

The MuteDeck software has an open API that you can use to get the status of each button (mute, video, etc.) and control the buttons as well. This RESTful API is the way to integrate with MuteDeck and built something cool that reacts to or controls your meeting status.

When the MuteDeck software is running, it runs a local web server where the API lives. You can find the API endpoints and built-in documentation, here: http://localhost:3491/

The list of API endpoints on that page tells you the URLs to approach and what HTTP method to use. To retrieve the status, use a GET. And to change the mute, video, or another status, use a POST method.

For example, reading out the status can have this output:

GET http://localhost:3491/v1/status
     "control": "system",
     "mute": "inactive",
     "record": "disabled",
     "share": "disabled",
     "status": 200,
     "video": "disabled" 

This output tells you that mute is controlled by the system (so no Zoom call) and that mute is inactive, i.e. you are audible.

Let's look at an example where there is a Zoom call active:

GET http://localhost:3491/v1/status 
    "call": "active",
    "control": "zoom",
    "mute": "active",
    "record": "inactive",
    "share": "inactive",
    "status": 200,
    "video": "active"

Here we see that the control is with zoom, mute is active (people can't hear you) and the video is active.

Please let us know when you build something with the API, as we're dying to know what awesome creations are out there. 😄

Jun 18, 2022

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